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Rosemary-Infused Vodka Martini

November 11, 2010

As it turns out, I not only took home this wonderful rosemary-infused vodka from the Foodbuzz Festival this past weekend, I also brought home a bug.  I’ve either caught one or my taste buds have just decided to go on vacation for a bit after my flavor-packed weekend.  I haven’t tasted much of anything for the last two days.  Such a pity since I have been wanting to cook and bake…and eat.

Well, I’ve cooked actually–simple fare like soup and various incarnations of fried rice.  Not exactly blog material but my husband hasn’t complained.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful rosemary flowers are?

Fortunately, I didn’t waste much time before deeming it martini-time in my home.  I was lucky enough to receive a container of rosemary-infused vodka from Brian of  A Thought For Food at the Foodbuzz Festival.  I think more than a few people would have liked me to share my gift with them that evening, but selfish me, I took it home.

I’m not a cocktail expert by any means but as soon as I unscrewed the top of my vodka container, I knew that a simple concoction was in order.  If you like the smell of fresh rosemary you will bury your nose in the woodsy fragrance of this vodka.  But beyond smelling the herb (one of my favorites), its essence is captured in the vodka itself as a result of infusing the latter with fresh sprigs for a few days.  You will find Brian’s recipe here.  Not wanting to mess with an already good thing, I simply shook the chilled vodka in a shaker, added a splash of vermouth to a chilled martini glass, poured, then squeezed some lemon juice into the mix.  I then sipped my martini slowly, appreciating Brian’s gift (Thank You!!) and remembering the fun time at the Foodbuzz Festival.


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  1. November 11, 2010 6:07 PM

    this will be on my list for the girls night out:)

  2. November 11, 2010 6:11 PM

    What a nice gift! Sounds delicious. Wish I could have made the gift exchange. Pretty photos!

  3. November 11, 2010 6:14 PM

    Jean – Sorry to hear that your taste buds are not working well this week. The good news is that it is temporary. For a foodie, this is can super annoying. 🙂 I love a good flavored martini and this is right up my alley. How lucky you were to take home such a thoughtful gift. This is a must make!! Perfect for the holidays. Thank you for sharing and thank you Brian for sharing!!!

  4. November 11, 2010 6:16 PM

    Envy is still killing me 🙂

  5. November 11, 2010 6:19 PM

    My tastebuds (and everything else!) were a mess before Foodbuzz Fest. I hope yours recover soon! These photos are absolutely stunning!

  6. November 11, 2010 6:21 PM

    I would love to have a sip of that tonight! Winding down on a Friday night after a longgg week… bliss!!

  7. November 11, 2010 6:23 PM

    Love, love, LOVE this post! And your pictures are gorgeous!

    I am so glad that you received the gift. As soon as I met you, I knew we’d get along. 🙂

    And, I’m not going to lie… I’m enjoying some of that vodka as I type. It puts me in a very happy place.

  8. November 11, 2010 6:25 PM

    Jean, your martini looks so fresh and appealing with the beautiful sprigs of Rosemary, you are so lucky to have this wonderful infused vodka on hand. I hope you feel better and are soon back to your normal tasting self;)

  9. November 11, 2010 6:38 PM

    I’m a new subscriber to your blog…love it! I love all things MaRtiNi and this looks like something I need to try! Beautiful pics!

  10. November 11, 2010 7:16 PM

    You had me at martini – though the rosemary really makes me want to try this as well. It sounds like a great drink.

  11. November 11, 2010 7:46 PM

    Really gorgeous drink! It sounds fantastic. Lucky you to receive such a wonderful gift. I love the simplicity of the cocktail.

  12. pigpigscorner permalink
    November 12, 2010 7:47 AM

    The rosemary here is interesting.

  13. November 12, 2010 8:42 AM

    I bet this was absolutely devine. What a great twist on a classic.

  14. November 12, 2010 6:52 PM

    I hope you’re feeling better Jean. And how lucky to receive an awesome vodka for your foodie gift exchange. Feel better. Take a shot of that vodka it may help (=

    • November 15, 2010 9:02 PM

      I know, right? I’m such a lightweight that I had to take teeny sips or I would have turned beet red in no time! 🙂

  15. November 12, 2010 7:18 PM

    Hi Jean
    I really don’t drink anymore, but vodka was always my drink of choice, I would have loved to have tried it! I do hope your feeling better, I can’t imagine being sick after such a wonderful event….very very tired yes….lol…I’m still catching up on my sleep.

    feel better my friend and try to have a good restful weekend!

  16. November 14, 2010 9:37 AM

    My birthday was the same day you posted this cocktail. Now I have been known to enjoy an excellently prepared cocktail. So I am going to assume this was just for me! GREG

    • November 15, 2010 9:03 PM

      Well the stars aligned, Greg, and I was meant to post this on your birthday. Hope you had a great one. 🙂

  17. November 14, 2010 4:47 PM

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    Luv this Rosemary Infused Vodka martini…we have tons of overgrown rosemary and I enjoy using its fragrance and herb value whenever I can. I may shake one of these this evening! 😉

  18. November 15, 2010 8:36 PM

    I have a bug too. Hope you’re well now. I don’t drink alcohol (I turn bright red and will pass out after 3 sips of anything) but your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like a lovely drink.

    • November 15, 2010 9:04 PM

      Hope you feel better yourself, Judy. I have alcohol intolerance so I turn red, too. Doesn’t stop me from drinking though, LOL!

  19. November 15, 2010 8:53 PM

    I was admiring your photos! I am not a cocktail drinker (out of laziness, wine is just much easier) but I would love to try this one!

    • November 15, 2010 9:05 PM

      Thank you! I’m more of a wine drinker, too, (and for the same reason) but it was a treat to receive this as a gift. 🙂


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